Friday, November 21, 2014

How do I specify Git Commit id (hash) when launching a build with TFSBuild.exe?

TFSBuild.exe is the method by which you launch TFS build from the command line. TFSBuild.exe doesn't indicate how to specify a Git commit Id (the hash of the commit).
TFSBuild.exe discusses the /getOption:Custom option which, when used, lets use specify the change-set or label to base the build on, by specifying the change-set or label identifier with the /customGetVersion option. For a label, you start with an "L". For a change-set, you start with a "C".
You specify the git commit-id using the "Label" syntax, but add a "G:ref:" before the commit ID. As in: /customGetVersion:LG:ref:
Full syntax:
TFSBuild start teamProjectCollectionUrl teamProject definitionName /queue /getOption:Custom /customGetVersion:LG:ref:
Example usage:
TFSBuild start http://gitsourceserver:8080/tfs/MyCompany MyTeamProject MyBuildDefinition /queue /getOption:Custom /customGetVersion:LG:ref:0c9cc3ce

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